What are Market Networks

Think about the power of marketplaces. They can be analogue, a street marketplace in New Dehli or a new digital marketplace like Etsy. Then, combine them with the power of social networks, facebook, instagram, linkedin, useful tools for social interaction. The goal is to use the best elements of both networks and marketplaces, create workflow software to focus action around long-term projects and help people create long-term, monetizable relationships that take the friction out of transactions. It’s creating a many-to-many transaction pattern for a large group of people. That’s a Market Network. In the past, many other terms have been used, from crowdsourcing to co-creation to collaboration. And, today we see these market networks beginning to change the face of industries from advertising (V&S) to transportation (Uber) to hotels (AirBnB). No industry is immune from the dynamics of new players who create Market Networks.