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John Winsor is a leading thinker, advisor and entrepreneur building platforms in the marketing, media and innovation industries. He is the founder and CEO of Open Assembly and is known for his strategic marketing and open product innovation work based on collaboration, co-creation, open innovation and crowdsourcing. 

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John was the founder of Victors & Spoils, the world's first creative advertising agency built on crowdsourcing principles, which was acquired by Havas where he became their Chief Innovation Officer. Winsor's practical experience building companies in industries that are being radically transformed by technology from a closed business model to a new, open business model helps his audiences be inspired to come up with their own breakthrough strategies.

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By John Winsor
By Alex Bogusky, John Winsor
By John Winsor
By John Winsor


The Dinosaurs of Cannes

The Dinosaurs of Cannes

5 Reasons Why Brands are Cutting Out Agencies

5 Reasons Why Brands are Cutting Out Agencies

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John specializes in advising brands and agencies on how to digitally transform themselves using open tools, platforms and technologies. John believes that in this age of rapid digital disruption that it is the creative citizens, the people, the brands and agencies, that will survive and thrive by co-creating from the bottom-up using open tools and platforms to reinvent their business models.