John Winsor is a best-selling author and a leading strategic marketing and product innovation thinker known for his breakthrough work in collaboration, co-creation, market networks, crowdsourcing and open innovation.

Winsor was the founder of Victors & Spoils, the world's first creative advertising agency built on crowdsourcing principles, which was acquired by Havas where he became their Chief Innovation Officer. Winsor's practical experience building companies in industries that are being radically transformed by technology from a closed business model to a new, open business model helps his audiences be inspired to come up with their own breakthrough strategies. Organizations are enabled to flip their own marketing paradigms from Brand Out to Consumer In, taking advantage of the digitally connected world powered by social media. His books include: Beyond the Brand: Why Engaging the Right Customers Is Essential to Winning in Business; Spark: Be More Innovative Through Co-Creation; Baked In: Creating Products and Businesses That Market Themselves; Flipped: How Bottom-Up Co-Creation Is Replacing Top-Down Innovation. Baked In, a bestseller, was named an award winner in the marketing category for the 2009 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards.

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